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I’ve got a passion (and a lot of experience) helping teens to reduce, manage, and eliminate unnecessary anxiety and stress.  If you know an anxious teen, do them a favor and let me see if I can help them with this potentially debilitating condition. It’s a gift that can last their whole lives and change them for the better.

Addressing Teen Anxiety with Dr Martin Rossman

Anxiety and stress are epidemic and teens are especially susceptible to it, but the teen brain is also highly resilient. Teens are quick to learn if they are exposed to better ways to manage stress and emotions.

While therapy can be important, and medications may have their place, there are also effective natural approaches that are too often ignored, like making sure they have access to all the essential nutrients they need to make a healthy brain, and teaching them how good nutrition can help them feel less anxious.

Acupuncture, with or without needles, is often very helpful with anxiety, because it can be a rapid route to experiencing what it feels like to be naturally relaxed.
For kids (or adults) who are afraid of needles, I can do very effective acupuncture with completely painless low level laser – they respond well to it and they love it.

Once they experience the relaxed state that acupuncture can create, it is much easier to teach them how to create that relaxed, attentive state themselves through breathing, relaxation, guided imagery and meditation techniques. That’s empowering, and gives them stress management tools they can use for a lifetime.

Summertime is an ideal time to do this so they can return to school better equipped to enjoy it and do their best. 

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