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Integrative medicine is whole-person medicine, appreciating both the health issues that bring you to see me as well as the healing resources that can be brought to bear on the situation. On your first visit to our office, we will spend at least an hour together in your initial consultation, which is usually enough to begin to form an initial treatment plan. If your problem is chronic and complex, we can schedule more time if needed. If you are coming from a distance, and have a complex problem, you may want to schedule an hour and a half for your first appointment.

integrative medicine consultations and treatment with dr martin rossman

In our consultation, I will want to know the issues that are most important to you. We will review your family history, your diet, medications, and supplements, your health-related habits, your sleep, appetite, digestion, your stress and coping levels and whatever else may be relevant. Next, I will do whatever physical exam may be necessary or helpful, from both a western and eastern medical perspective.

I will review your laboratory and imaging exams and medical reports from specialists you have seen, and we will come up with a plan for improving your health. We will add to that plan as needed as we discover what helps you and what isn’t worth spending time on.

Having spent over 4 decades in medicine, using western and eastern approaches, augmented with nutritional medicine and mind/body medicine, I can usually guide you efficiently through the many integrative medicine choices and options available.

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