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– Practical Advice For Managing Worry and Stress –

Human brains are hardwired for worry. While our ancient ancestors had a legitimate use for the fight-or-flight instinct, what was once a matter of survival has now become the stuff of sleepless nights and anxious days. At its best worry provides a way for us to turn over and solve a problem in our minds, but for many it becomes a negative cycle of unnecessary suffering. Based on cutting-edge brain science, Dr. Martin Rossman has developed a program to help break the worry cycle — and transform worry into a positive force. With an easy-to-follow plan for taking control of reactions to stress and anxiety, THE HEALING MIND WITH MARTIN ROSSMAN, M.D. is part of special programming premiering on PBS stations in August 2016 (check local listings). 

Using proven clinical techniques that harness the very power of imagination that creates worry and stress, THE HEALING MIND reveals the five basic skills that will help clarify worries, sort them into those we can and can’t do something about, and tap the wisdom buried deep within to help solve problems creatively.
At the heart of the program is the use of guided imagery and creative visualization, techniques that invigorate the emotional and intuitive parts of the brain to add to and enhance logical intelligence.

Not only can these techniques create a change in stress levels immediately, but with regular practice they may literally alter the worry pathways in the brain — and “hardwire” our brains for calmness and clarity. Grounded in cutting-edge science and wonderfully accessible, THE HEALING MIND WITH MARTIN ROSSMAN, M.D. is a powerful and practical guide to living our best lives — healthier, happier and free from unnecessary stress.
About Martin Rossman, M.D.
Physician, author, speaker and researcher, Dr. Martin Rossman founded The Healing Mind to raise awareness about the power of high-quality mind/body tools in self-healing and in the health professions.

A graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School in 1969, he has had a long-standing interest in the practical importance of attitudes, beliefs, emotions, and mind/body practices in medicine and health. In addition to a busy practice emphasizing non-drug medicine and patient participation, he has taught clinical guided imagery to over 10,000 health professionals since 1982.
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