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​Integrative Health Coaching

Dr. Rossman is available for private health coaching sessions by phone, Skype, or other videoconferencing applications like Facetime or Zoom. While he cannot make medical diagnoses or prescribe treatments without a face-to-face meeting, he can listen to your history and help you develop an integrative healing approach in your local area.

Dr Martin Rossman Integrative Health Coaching

Dr. Rossman can help you create a plan for optimal health, and help you make informed decisions. He can help you understand what your medical tests mean, and counsel you on how to talk with your own physicians about options they may or may not have considered.

With your permission, Dr. Rossman can review your records and offer guidance about regarding medical or other healing services that may be of benefit to you. He is also available to talk with your primary or specialist physicians on your behalf if you desire.

An internationally respected authority on mind/body healing, Dr. Rossman can guide you in relaxation and imagery processes that can powerfully support your body’s internal healing abilities. He can also coach you on developing a healthy lifestyle, stress reduction, and optimizing your nutrition.

If you are interested in Integrative Health Coaching with Dr. Rossman, download our Coaching Agreement here and fax back to us at (415) 925-8604.

Fee: The initial consultation is a 45 minute appointment and the fee is $340, payable prior to your consultation. Follow-up coaching fees are $420 per 1 hour appointment, $340 per 45 minutes and $210 for half-hour sessions when suitable. Because there is no diagnosis made or medical treatment given, coaching fees are not insurance billable or reimbursable. Please consult your tax advisor to see if they are suitable for reimbursement from an HSA or FSA account.

Scheduling and cancellations: Please call 415-925-8600 to schedule your coaching appointment. Cancellation with 24 hours or more notice will not be charged. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be charged full fee unless we can fill that appointment time.

Disclaimer: Coaching sessions by phone or Skype are not medical visits and no diagnoses are made or treatment prescribed. Dr. Rossman cannot assume clinical care for patients who are not seen in person, nor can he write prescriptions or assume responsibility for your decisions. Please retain a primary care provider in your area for examinations, clinical care, diagnostic tests, prescriptions, referrals, and other medical services.

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