Opening Hours

Mon - Thu: 9AM - 6PM

MAY 1 – 3, 2020 AT 1440 MULTIVERSITY

​The class roster is filling for my workshop on mind/body self-healing skills including relaxation, visualization, listening to your symptoms, the inner wisdom meditation and creating an effective action plan for healing.

I love having patients at these workshops  and here are 7 compelling reasons to join me there:

1) Mind/body skills support your innate healing abilities, allowing them to operate most efficiently.

2) Mind/body healing complements everything else you do for your health, whether nutrition, exercise, acupuncture, bodywork or medications.

3) Learning to listen to your body better helps keep you tuned in so you don’t get too far away from balance and health.

4) Relaxation, inner listening and imagery skills give you self-healing tools you can use forever, whatever your health situation.

5) Mind/body practices reconnect you with the intelligence in the body/mind/spirit – an intelligence which not only maintains and renews your health but actually got you here in the first place.

6) 1440 Multiversity is a beautiful setting with healthy, delicious food choices and you’ll have plenty of time to hike, nap, or make use of the lovely on-site spa if you like.

7) There will be plenty of time to discuss mind/body health and healing with me and your fellow attendees.

Whether you’re new to mind/body healing or a veteran who needs a refresher, I hope to see you there. You’ll come away feeling relaxed, refreshed, and empowered.

Registration is open now! Click here to sign up.

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