Opening Hours

Mon - Thu: 9AM - 6PM

JUNE 28 – 30, 2019 AT 1440 MULTIVERSITY

Registration is now open for my workshop, The Healing Mind:Calming the Mind and Healing the Body Through Guided Imagery. Spaces are already filling up so I encourage you to register now before it’s too late! 

I’m happy to be going back to 1440 where I’ll be doing a new workshop teaching mind/body self-healing skills including relaxation, visualization, listening to your symptoms, the inner wisdom meditation and creating an effective action plan for healing.

Whether you’re new to mind/body healing or a veteran who needs a refresher, plan to come along. The setting, food, spa, and vibe at 1440 is terrific, and you’ll come away feeling relaxed, refreshed, and empowered.

I hope you’ll join me there for this special opportunity. 

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