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I had the pleasure of sitting down with KQED’s Greg Sherwood this month to discuss non-drug alternative therapies for pain relief. There will be several more showings of this special. I hope you’ll be able to tune in and hopefully learn something that is of use to you or a loved one struggling with chronic pain. View the full schedule here.

I have also created The Healing Mind Pain Relief Kit which combines 3 of my most popular guided imagery sessions into one collection designed to focus on a comprehensive solution for pain relief. This kit includes guided imagery audio sessions for “Pain Relief”, “Natural Restful Sleep”, and “Stress Relief”.

More about this program from the KQED website:
The confluence of patients in pain, well-meaning doctors trying to help, and a multi-billion-dollar pain medication industry has resulted in an opioid drug crisis that is taking the lives of 45,000 Americans a year. The educated public, and medical thought leaders are getting vocal about finding other ways to relieve pain and symptoms like anxiety and insomnia without first resorting to addictive and often toxic drugs. Dr. Martin Rossman, a Bay Area physician and acupuncturist for over 40 years, in conversation with KQED’s Greg Sherwood, will share from a lifetime of experience working with people with pain, using an integrative approach including acupuncture, nutritional, and mind/body medicine.

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