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A note I got from an M.D. some time ago…
“I was diagnosed with an early type of breast  cancer. During my radiation treatments, I came across your book “Fighting Cancer from Within” and I read the section on guided imagery for radiation. Four days into my 30 rads, I started becoming extremely fatigued. A week later, I could hardly walk the 1/4 mile from the hospital to the cancer treatment center – I had to take the shuttle.

Since I have a background in boating, I imagined putting my cancer cells in pirate costumes with Titanic-sized anchors tied to them and I made them walk the plank as I was on the radiation table. They had to jump into a sea of red radiation that burned them up as they sank to the bottom. To protect  my normal cells, I put them in deep sea survival suits with Haz-Mat logos on them and sent in fleet after fleet of rescue helicopters to pluck them out of harms way.

After working with my imagery, my fatigue lessened and I started feeling better and better every day.

Today, I look great and feel strong. The latest mammograms are clear.

The guided imagery was so inspiring I went to school this summer and took 350 hours of clinical hypnotherapy in order to assist others in their cancer journeys.

Thanks for having a book with a BIG catchy title. It got me to pick it up and improve my life.

I am very grateful and most appreciative.”
J.M., M.D., in Missouri

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