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More importantly, have you listened to it? 

Your body is a highly intelligent organism builtfrom trillions of living cells.

Through sophisticated and complex feedback systems, these cells work together to live, reproduce, and heal.

Symptoms are the way that your body communicates that something is off balance or not getting what it needs. That could be nutritional, hormonal, movement-related, immunological, or emotional. Learning to listen to your body, which contains the healing wisdom of 4 billion years of survival, is a powerful way to get yourself back on a track to better health.

Here’s a comment from one of my students, after she spent a session in inner dialogue with an image of her body:

The body is an interesting thing. We are taught to look at it, judge it, misuse and abuse it, kick it around a bit, disconnect from it, don’t touch it [for God’s sake you’ll go blind or grow hair in funny places] then turn it over to someone else when it needs repair.

In my inner dialogue, my body told me it wants me to love it, and as long as we communicate and work together I will never feel alone; we will support each other.   It told me to sit with this for a while, and then come back for more. 

And then it said, “I love you.

Receptive guided imagery techniques are especially helpful for exploring what your symptoms may be saying. Here is a link to my guided imagery audio called “Healing from Within“, which will teach you two especially effective methods for listening to the wisdom of the body. ​

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