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We are determined to keep our office safe for our most vulnerable patients, so in addition to our stringent Covid protocols (below), we are asking for your cooperation if you are traveling this Holiday season, or having someone new to your household join you inside after traveling here.

In either of these cases, we ask you to please postpone any visits to this office for at least 14 days since last contact or travel, AND obtain a Covid test between days 7-10 of your quarantine so that we can schedule you again after that.

Here is a list of all the COVID-19 testing resources in Marin County:

If you can’t or don’t want to get tested, please wait one month after possible exposure until your next visit here.
Please understand how much we value your trust in our care. We thank you in advance for helping us keep our office as safe as possible.


About Dr Marty Rossman at Marin Integrative Medicine

I have been seeing selected patients  in person for acupuncture since June 1 with extensive safety procedures in place (see below) to protect everyone’s health.

I am also accepting new patients, with the initial consultation generally being done via telemedicine. Appointments are limited. Please call Mariel at 415-925-8600 if you want to be scheduled.

If you are not yet subscribed to my email monthly newsletter, please email us at and request to be subscribed – we will be announcing practice changes there as the situation changes.

Our new safety protocols:

On Your Part:

  • Do NOT come if you are sick please call instead
  • Please wear a mask to your appointment
  • Wear loose clothing so it’s easy to get to your hands, feet, lower arms and legs
  • Wash hands for 20 seconds in treatment room
  • Please be on time – no crossover in waiting room
  • Call us from car when you arrive – 415-925-8600
  • Drivers wait in car
  • Arrange no-touch payment with Mariel
  • Aim to minimize bathroom use (we must sanitize the room after every use)

On Our part:

  • Staggered appointment times and limited schedule
  • Taking your temperature (No Touch) upon arrival
  • Thorough hand-washing between patients
  • Wearing clean mask and gloves every encounter
  • Scrub clothes and changing white coats between patients
  • No back and forth between patients – no crossover
  • Minimizing close face to face contact
  • No reusable materials (gowns, sheets, pillowcases, etc)
  • UV-C light room sanitization between each patient
  • Medical grade air cleaners in every room
  • Open windows whenever possible *During the wildfires we are closely monitoring the air quality and keeping the windows closed when outside levels become unhealthy. When the windows are closed, we are running all six air cleaners on high all day.
  • Surfaces disinfected between patients

Our goal is to make our office the safest place you are likely to visit as we attempt to safely ease the shelter in place restrictions. We will continue to follow all state and county guidelines as the situation unfolds.

As you may know, I have also made a number of stress management and guided imagery resources available at no charge at Simply click on the orange banner at the top of the Home Page for the free audios and videos and feel free to share them.

Mariel and I really look forward to seeing you again soon!